Battiss in Johannesburg

By Sean O'Toole | 07 September 2016

Two dissimilar, and each in their own way engaging exhibitions in Johannesburg, engage with the mythic figure of Battiss, a big-hearted adventurer and nonsense-maker from an era known for extreme baloney, and worse.

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Runny yolks and Running Jokes

By Felix Kawitzky | 06 September 2016

In Marlene Steyn’s Your Skin is Not the Best Hiding Place, there is scant distinction made between painting and sculpture. The work slithers freely between two and three dimensions, flippantly slipping in and out of frame.

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By Matthew Partridge | 05 September 2016

Art is a spectator sport. There are galleries where league games take place. Then there are museums, which are like trophy cabinets on steroids, where the winners congregate.

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