Lizette Chirrime

By Adjective Staff | 23 September 2016

The third installment of Perspectives features Mozambican artist Lizette Chirrime who will be exhibiting later this year at 1:54 in London and whose show “A Sinfonia da Alma Liberta II” (Sounds of a Free Soul) is currently on view at Worldart.

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What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

By Matthew Partridge | 22 September 2016

If museums absorb the taste set by the primary market at the time, then auction houses are the fancy restaurants where collectors go to eat.

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Hunger Artist – Kate Gottgens

By Ashraf Jamal | 21 September 2016

Kate Gottgens is South Africa’s master hunger artist. No one has better conveyed the crack and the hollow that fissures and empties experience.

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By Matthew Partridge | 20 September 2016

If pressed, how would you go about describing the present? One way to understand these times in which we live is to look at the present as a place where the past meets the future.

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Igshaan Adams

By Adjective Staff | 16 September 2016

The second installment in Perspectives features artist Igshaan Adams who talks to us about his show Oorskot, currently on view at blank projects in Cape Town.

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Home Truths

By Andrew Lamprecht | 15 September 2016

‘Private life’ seems like a concept that is almost as outmoded as, if not the CD, then perhaps the cassette tape.

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Letter to Europa

By Ashraf Jamal | 14 September 2016

Letters, hand-written, stamped and posted, are archaic throwbacks to a culture we nostalgically dub ‘slowness’ – slow food, slow beer, slow sex, slowed down hand-made things. The art gallery however has remained largely immune to this threat to slowness.

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By Matthew Partridge | 13 September 2016

The way to the future is not to consider the past as the realm of the dead but instead to grasp the possibilities of new life.

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Santu Mofokeng: Stories 2, 3 and 4

By Tymon Smith | 09 September 2016

Curated by Joshua Chuang in collaboration with the photographer Steidl’s stories series presents images from Santu Mofokeng’s archives which compliment already published and exhibited work.

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Frank Kilbourn

By Adjective Staff | 08 September 2016

The first in the Perspectives features an interview with businessman and collector Frank Kilbourn who is the newly installed chairman of Strauss & Co.

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