If pressed, how would you go about describing the present? One way to understand these times in which we live is to look at the present as a place where the past meets the future. Ever elusive, our everyday lived experience can be seen as a space where history is in a constant negotiation with what is yet to come.

Thus, whilst we can never grasp nor hold onto the fleeting minutes of our lives, we can find traces of them elsewhere. Sometimes they are evidenced in expended labour, or they appear as imaginary projections of what the future might look like.

This week, adjective explores such ideas by looking at South Africa’s newest player on the secondary market, Aspire Art Auctions, whose lots range from historical & modern works to cutting edge contemporary offerings.

Then, in the Long Read Ashraf Jamal discusses Kate Gottgens exhibition Famine through a literary entry point that combines the work of the late poet Stephen Watson and Franz Kafka.

Then finally in Perspectives we speak to Mozambican artist Lizette Chirrime about her show A Sinfonia da Alma Liberta II currently on show at Worldart where her work functions to liberate and revive souls from her history as she looks forward to the never ending tomorrow.

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