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Late Stage Capitalism Luxe

The glib, jaded self-reflexivity present in Paulsen’s language is essentially the same as that which might crop up on one’s Instagram feed daily. It is a language that has been developed in the crucible of the internet and social media, with the capability of conveying complex ideas through the film of an assumed shared cultural understanding.

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Requisite Corpse: The Dirty Monster of Dr. Frankenstein

In a way, there is no figure or body at all – only the bits that get left behind, and the bits that get taken with it. It is only ever partially visible: cloaked in curtains and semi-translucent membranes or traced out but long gone; imprinted through blood, earth, sweat and soap scum, bra cups and laddered tights; waterlogged and inaccessible; enamelled out of existence; obscured with dollops of paint or barely painted at all.

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