This month adjective celebrates it first birthday. Here, on the internet, time is relative. Browse through this little magazine you’ll notice not a year of stories & fables but rather a month.

Maybe our funny relationship to time, here on the interwebz, is because information is no longer measured by the paper it’s printed on. Instead it is far more fleeting and intangible. In short, it’s quicker.

Google analytics confirms this. Having just reached over 3500 visits to adjective.co.za, with 1023 unique users, the average time spent on the site is 2 minutes and 38 seconds. If one considers that visitors to a museum spend between 15 to 30 seconds in front of an artwork then maybe, just maybe, something is working in this currency of words.

So in this, our first birthday week, Sean O’Toole begins by taking a look at adjective’s ancestors, those many other little magazines that have come before. We then take a sneak peak at the lots of Strauss & Co.’s Cape Town sale, scheduled for next week. Finally in Perspectives, Deborah Poynton reflects on the limits of abstraction and what lies beyond the borders of the canvas.

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