History is performed over and over again, every day. History is rewritten, reawakened and redressed every time we, in the present, find ourselves at its crossroads. 40 years after June 16th, 1976, when an entire generation was forced to take destiny into their own hands, we find ourselves back at those crossroads once again.

This week adjective takes performativity as its theme. Thembinkosi Goniwe examines The Art of Disruption at the Iziko South African National Gallery looking at the way that performance is used to engage in criticality.

Tymon Smith then examines the latest show Hlabelela: It’s a New Mourning Nkush from the avant-garde collective The Brother Moves On at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.

Finally in Perspectives, we speak to Yentl Kohler and Ernestine White who reflect on the challenges posed to high school art students and how the exhibition Studio performs the museum’s objective of providing a comprehensive experience through South African art history.

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